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Vintage Snowfall Apron


There's something magical about snow. And we've captured the quiet beauty of the elusive snowflake with our Vintage Snowfall Apron handcrafted by Two Medium Sized Ladies right here in Texas.

The Vintage Snowfall Apron features various sizes of white snowflakes falling on a bright red background. With clean lines and a gently repeating pattern, this apron is a standout for vintage style fashion. The snowflakes look hand-drawn and round, which remind us of the Charlie Brown specials from our childhood where anything was possible when it snowed. This apron can be your special reminder of the beauty of the seasons and the endless possibilities during each.

Features: 100% Cotton with cotton/poly liner. Vertical top pocket for your glasses or thermometer, double front pockets, and wrap around webbed natural cotton strings so you can customize your apron to suit your style in the kitchen with a front or back tie. Fully lined. Fits up to 1X.

One size: 29" length x 19.25" wide

Aprons are handmade in Texas.