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12" Cardinal and Holly Glass Tree Topper

This glistening Cardinal and Holly 12" glass decorative tree topper designed by Kurt Adler is a beautiful combination of the symbols of Christmas - the red Cardinal symbolizes remembrance for loved ones who have gone on ahead or perhaps a sign of angels nearby and is also seen as a messenger from Heaven who delivers words of love and comfort during difficult times.

The Cardinal is most welcome during winter months when this bright red bird feasts on the berries of the Holly tree. Christian tradition at Christmas often includes a holly tree. The branches are said to represent the crown of thorns worn by Christ and the berries represent his blood while the evergreen branches represent eternal life. 

This elegant tree topper makes a wonderful gift, can be a symbolic remembrance for loved ones who have passed and treasure of good days ahead for years to come.

Pair it with our Silver Finial Holder so that you can display it on the table or mantle year round!

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